Studying Italian on-line

Italian is widely considered to be the most melodious language in the world, therefore it has become the language of music. Even though Italian is only spoken in Italy and Switzerland, it is becoming more and more popular throughout the whole world.

According to a stereotype, Italian is very easy-to-learn, even easier than English. Unfortunately, it’s not true: all verbs have noun conjugation, nouns take different endings, and there are no less tenses and moods than in English. But the result is really worth the effort: anyone can speak Italian fluently!

Russian is a fascinating language. According to the data published in “Language Monthly”, Russian is the fifth most popular language in the world. It is spoken by more than 300 million people.

Private classes via Skype is a very good way to study Italian and Russian:

  • You have classes in the familiar and comfortable environment
  • You choose the time of your own convenience
  • You don’t have to spend money on books
  • You stay in touch with your tutor all the time and are able to ask questions at any time

For who?

I teach Italian to everybody from starters to advanced learners, i.e. from А1, А2, В1, В2 to С1. I also provide help with getting ready for international exams in Italian – PLIDA, CILS, CELI.

What books are used?

I teach Italian only with books by Italian publishers: Espresso, Bar Italia, Nuovo Progetto Italiano, Nuovo Qui Italia Piu`, Un giorno in Italia. I choose materials and books individually for each student according to their level, goal and interests.

What are the classes like?

Before each class I e-mail you new materials and corrected hometask. At the beginning of a class we deal with your questions about the written hometask (if you had one) and check the oral exercises. Then we move on to a new unit, which covers all aspects of language-learning: reading, listening, speaking, new vocabulary exercises. It there is a new grammar aspect, we deal with it at the end of the class. You also get new written and oral hometask.

How long is the class and how can I test my level?

The class is either 60 mins or 90 mins long. Before the first class I e-mail you a grammar test and we have a short meeting in Skype, to assess your level and set goals, which is absolutely free for you!

For further information you can contact me – I’m willing to answer all your questions!